In Corium we collaborate with other companies or research and development projects.

We focus on research and development of innovative products to make improvements and progress to the food sector.

We are open to collaborate with other organisations, companies and associations in research projects, in order to continue offering our customers innovative products and make improvements and progress in the food sector.

Corium is constantly committed to innovation in packaging and in the development of new products with added value.

The R & D and new product deparment studies, collaborates and participates with our customers at all production levels until the product launch the market.

Following our philosophy of R&D, the characteristics of Corium products are:

  1. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable.
  2. It does not pollute, it is completely harmless to people and animals.
  3. It’s vacuum packed and as it does not contain oxygen, conservation of the product is optimal and more stable.
  4. The packaging design is three dimensional. It brings a new image in the concept of the single dose.
  5. It’s soft and pleasant to the touch. The package is easy to open, intuitive, simple and it does not spill.
  6. The application of the product is selective, efficient and comfortable. It can be applied at any time.